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Mike Nygren: Author

The Ten Balloons. Principles of Leadership, Life and Love captures the spirit of what it means to take an intentional look at your life. This realistic approach to a balanced life is personal and practical in outlining steps for creating intentional purpose statements in ten areas of your life.

Mike’s story telling approach to life brings great inspiration and motivation in the areas of family, career, relationships, education, finances, health, and adventure. This multi-generational topic is designed for young people and adult audiences of all ages who like personal challenges.


An interview with Mike Nygren about his commitment to students


What is your mission Mike?

·       To partner with schools in helping to create a culture of effective personal and organizational student leadership.

·       To equip, engage and empower students to lead effectively while serving their school and community.

What experience do you bring?

·       Decades of experience working with 5th grade – college age students.

·       Teaching, coaching and mentoring in the classroom, athletic field, businesses, churches and non-profits.

·       Worked within over 50 schools.

·       Led over 400 leadership/service retreats, training adventures locally, nationally and globally.

What makes your trainings successful?

·       Focusing on helping students 'leading organizations' rather than just 'managing' them.

·       Focusing on implementing the core values of respect, responsibility and discipline.

·       Focusing on student organizations coordinating their efforts within schools.

·       Training options: Two-hour, half-day, full-day, retreats and summer camps.

·       Potential of coaching students and adult leaders for a season.

What type of experience do you bring?

  • School assemblies
  • Service groups
  • Class officers
  • Student councils
  • National and Junior National Honor Society
  • Team captains
  • Club leaders
  • At-risk groups
  • Gifted programs
  • Grand parenting programs
  • Parent workshops (From Here to Maturity / How to go to College for Free)
  • Faculty retreats and training days.

What ‘soft skills” of leadership do you focus on?

·       Communication (Conversations, story-telling and public speaking)

·       Motivation and morale

·       Project planning and delegating

·       Proactive thinking and problem solving

·       Creativity and brainstorming

·       Feedback and processing

·       Responsibility and Commitment

What are possible starting points for students?

·       Intentional Leadership. For current student leaders and newly elected leaders.

·       Job Readiness. For at-risk students and students ready for greater personal challenges.

·       From Here to Maturity. For all students to be challenged in their personal disciplines that help lead to success in the classroom.

What are possible starting points for schools?

·       Conversation/meeting with principal and/or faculty advisor.

·       Meeting with a team of faculty to discuss needs and brainstorm starting points.

·       Meeting with parents, donors and community leaders.

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