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Mike Nygren: Author

The Ten Balloons. Principles of Leadership, Life and Love captures the spirit of what it means to take an intentional look at your life. This realistic approach to a balanced life is personal and practical in outlining steps for creating intentional purpose statements in ten areas of your life.

Mike’s story telling approach to life brings great inspiration and motivation in the areas of family, career, relationships, education, finances, health, and adventure. This multi-generational topic is designed for young people and adult audiences of all ages who like personal challenges.


Motivating and Inspiring People to Action

Mike Nygren focuses on educating, empowering, and engaging his audiences in leadership training, social entrepreneurship, and making a difference in one’s home, school, places of worship, and the world. Throughout his five decades of remarkable presentations, he has crafted unique presentations for fifth grade students through adults to meet the specific needs of each audience.

Motivational speaker Mike Nygren has inspired audiences in helping both students and adults unlock their potential by inspiring them to lead a more purposeful and intentional life. His challenging presentations arouse a new confidence in audiences aiding them in envisioning new futures for themselves.  

Mike’s career has spanned roles as teacher, coach, youth pastor, entrepreneur, consultant, and director of community non-profits. Over the years, the organizations that Mike has led have received a variety of recognition and awards, including two different awards from President Bill Clinton and President G. W. Bush respectively for community service. Mike is the author of Ten Balloons: Principles of Leadership, Life and Love and Not Yet Dead: 50 Years of Coaching and Leading Young People.


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