We educate, equip and engage students in leadership and community service.

We seek to motivate and inspire America's youth to action.


We believe in ‘unlocking the leadership potential’ of students beginning as early as fourth grade and throughout their junior high, high school and college careers.

We provide a foundation of leadership knowledge and experiences that equips students for their role today in leadership – while motivating them for a life of leadership and service.

We are a school without walls for students of all ages and levels of leadership knowledge and experience.


Our trainings are designed for the unique needs of each audience. Sessions are interactive and hands-on and lead to clearer and broader goals for each organization.

Training includes; brainstorming, enhancing communication skills, problem-solving and helping students dream greater dreams.


We focus on helping organizations set goals, create effective calendars with deadlines and help coach students to accomplish great things.

We partner with organizations by working side by side with them in creating unique initiatives that meets the needs of the community they serve.

Calling Adults and Youth to Action

Motivational speaker Mike Nygren’s presentations focus on unlocking the leadership and life potential of students of all ages. Mike's challenging presentations are focused on making the most of everyday situations and dreaming greater dreams. Mike’s career has spanned positions from teacher, coach, consultant, entrepreneur and youth pastor. His passion lies in educating, empowering and engaging people in training opportunities that lead to them fulfilling their life goals and dreams.


"If we all did the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."  Thomas Edison