Challenging - Inspiring - Motivating

Mike Nygren

Mike Nygren's  story telling approach is powerful, soul-searching, uplifting, and challenging. Mike has been a teacher, coach, pastor, consultant, motivational speaker, business owner and a non-profit director for over 45 years. Mike specializes in designing youth and adult opportunities to meet each clients individual needs.


As a consultant Mike works with teams, leadership teams, non-profit organizations, businesses and faith based organizations to help structure projects, events or teams for specific deliverable results. Usually problem focused and future oriented Mike helps identity and strategize for the needs of the organization. Mike's work is generally short-term, results oriented and involves limited commitment to implementing ideas.



As a coach Mike works more on a one-to-one basis or possibly with small teams in supporting the client to achieve their own result or outcome. Mike's goal is to help identify the client and organization strengths and build on them. Mike brings relationship expertise in how to build on individual and interpersonal dynamics to support individual and group behavior change. Working to facilitate growth and change in the organizations culture Mike helps clients understand how their behaviors are contributing to the current situation. Mike's coaching involves renewable contracts focused on long-term results.



As a presenter Mike works to impact audiences of all ages on the individual responsibility for achieving a purposeful life and leaving a legacy. Mike's trademark has been to "Challenge - Inspire - Motivate' audiences of all ages.  He brings a wealth of real life stories about how anyone can achieve whatever they are determined to work for. Mike believes that both adults and young people are ‘under-challenged” in today’s culture in reaching their potential and he loves challenging audiences to live by a higher standard than their peers.