Mike Nygren: Leadership coach, motivational speaker and author.

Mike Nygren has been teaching, leading and coaching since 1969. He has worked with a countless number of people of all ages throughout the United States who have been impacted by his passion and dedication to live a life worth living.

Mike’s powerful presentations and coaching sessions challenge audiences to greater levels of personal growth, maturing in leadership and a deeper dedication to community involvement and service. His presentations help ‘unlock the potential for greatness’ found within each of us. Mike believes in the importance of creating well-coached teams, whether they be in sports, business, military, faith, educational or leadership based organizations.

His career has spanned positions from track coach, teacher, youth leader, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, business consultant and leadership coach. Over the years countless students of his have gone on to be recognized for their outstanding contributions to the world. Mike created three non-profit organizations dedicated to equipping and engaging young people to serve and lead within their respective communities and the world. One of those organizations, The Clubhouse, received national awards from Presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush.

However, nothing has more impact than the lifelong response from those individuals whose lives have been dramatically changed through his mentoring and coaching. Mike’s presentations include a combination of skill training, life skills and a strong dose of proactive thinking - helping audiences believe that anything is possible.

Mike Nygren’s foundation of his coaching and training is based on his book titled “The Ten Balloons: Principles of  Leadership, Life and Love.” He believes that age is no restriction of expectations and challenges and begins with 5th grade audiences with a similar passion as with his adult audiences

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