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Mike Nygren: Author

The Ten Balloons. Principles of Leadership, Life and Love captures the spirit of what it means to take an intentional look at your life. This realistic approach to a balanced life is personal and practical in outlining steps for creating intentional purpose statements in ten areas of your life.

Mike’s story telling approach to life brings great inspiration and motivation in the areas of family, career, relationships, education, finances, health, and adventure. This multi-generational topic is designed for young people and adult audiences of all ages who like personal challenges.


What people say!

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Get a life!

Almost 15 years ago I attended a retreat led by Mike. It was at that retreat where I found a path to achieve all that I had been dreaming of.  I never had a problem dreaming, my problem was the daily barrage of needs and the juggling act of motherhood, marriage, career, health, family...LIFE.  I couldn't get my head above water to turn those dreams into what Mike called,  B.H.A.G., Big Hairy Audacious Goals.  The Ten Balloons guided me to daily, monthly and yearly mission and purpose so I could say YES to the GREAT ideas and confidently pass on the good ones.  What a ride it has been!  Ultimately, I started using The Ten Balloons in my classes as a college instructor.  I discussed the book in depth with students near graduation to help them establish purpose and mission mindedness as they approached their post graduation lives.  

Living the 10 Balloons requires effort and some practice. It's worth it. "Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Wow! What a Ride!" - Hunter S. Thompson

Angelia Ham, Licensed Clinical Social Worker mom, wife, college instructor, triathlete

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Job Readiness


"Mike has an incredible ability to inspire, motivate, and challenge people. Today's youth need someone like him to help unlock and discover their true potential. His focus on leadership development, communication, and responsibility directly targets and strengthens areas often neglected. In the end, his type of teaching and coaching makes people stronger, more confident, and ready to work and lead in the world. I am excited about the possibilities of the Job Readiness opportunity because as a business owner I see the great potential in helping our young people today and practice important life skills prior to graduation."

Brian Oskey                                            Brilligent Solutions, Inc


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Intentional Leadership

"Mike spent several years coaching high school students at our school in a student ambassador program.  He has a passion for working with youth and pushing them to unleash their leadership potential.  Communication and conversation skills are an asset in any leadership role.  Mike uses a coaching approach to engage students and teach communication fundamentals through the art of storytelling.  Within a few hours, students who were once shy, are speaking confidently in front of a crowd of their peers.  It is brilliant!  These powerful skills can be transforming for students!  Mike brings these talents and many more to middle and high school programs."

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Intentional Grandparenting

"As I sat and listened to Mike's presentation about grandparents and our profound importance in our grandchildren's lives, I found him exposing and challenging all the routine and ineffective ways my approach to grand parenting was producing and at the same time I found myself beginning to dream greater and greater possibilities for my relationship with them. That one workshop has produced remarkably new adventures with me and my grand children. It has unlocked a whole new level of interaction." 

Dan Glover - Pastor, Husband, Father and Pap Pap / Adventurer

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30 years ago my ‘walking together’ with Mike began. It was the direction for ministry I was seeking and the challenge that continues to influence my ability to disciple personally as a dad and professionally as a minister.  I have held different positions with my denomination and have traveled with others as a Pastor of youth and adults, a Youth Superintendent, a Director of a church camp and a national Disaster Relief Organization. Jesus modeled the importance of asking questions that challenged and directed His disciples; Mike Nygren has been an effective example of this style of traveling in my life and has provided the foundational tools enabling me to travel more significantly with others.  

Pastor Quint Bryan

Director if the Evangelical Friends Disaster Service.