Encouraging, Equipping and Engaging Grandparents Everywhere

“Seventeen years ago when my first grandchild was born I had no idea of what it meant to be an proactive grandparent. It seemed I was living out the vision that my grandfathers modeled to me - and I wasn’t very happy or very productive. Fast forward to today. Today I understand the privilege and responsibility of being a grandparent and intentionally invest countless hours in the pursuit of being the best ‘papa’ for my 3 grandchildren. In time I eventually uncovered a formula for being intentional - it changed my destiny and it can do the same for you.” Mike Nygren, founder PG-21

The Formula


·       An intentional vision of living a balanced life as a grandparent.

·       A commitment to creating life-long traditions and memories with your grandchildren.

·       A determination to create age appropriate adventure with your grandchildren.




·       Daily Blog

·       Imagine going on line each morning and receiving words of encouragement, new ideas or a proactive challenge of what it means to be a grandparent in the 21st century. In less that 2 minutes (250 words) you will be inspired to dream greater dreams with your grandchildren and their future. Each story will reflect intentional grandparenting and written by a team of grandparents who embrace the PG-21 formula.


·       Workshops

·       The workshop experience is limited to 8-16 grandparents to ensure that each and every grandparent will receive a good amount of personal time with Mike. This four-hour session in a warm setting allows for abundant time for teaching, coaching and conversation. The emphasis of our time together is on investing in your own future as you invest in the lives of your precious grandchildren. We will begin our journey into the future though a step-by-step workbook that opens the doors to new dreams and possibilities with your grandchildren.


·       Motivational presentations

·       Custom designed for each audience, these 1-2 hour presentations will serve as a motivational tool for grandparents to examine their current vision for grandparenting. These presentations will be the shorter version of the workshops and will serve as inspiration for grandparents to pursue the next steps in equipping themselves in the art of grandparenting.


Just think!

Grandparenting doesn’t need to just happen. Take time to invest in yourself as a grandparent. Examining your current vision and strategy with each grandchild will allow you to produce monumental life changes for your family. Act now and be a part of PG-21 and be intentional about your role as a grandparent in the 21st century.