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Mike Nygren: Author

The Ten Balloons. Principles of Leadership, Life and Love captures the spirit of what it means to take an intentional look at your life. This realistic approach to a balanced life is personal and practical in outlining steps for creating intentional purpose statements in ten areas of your life.

Mike’s story telling approach to life brings great inspiration and motivation in the areas of family, career, relationships, education, finances, health, and adventure. This multi-generational topic is designed for young people and adult audiences of all ages who like personal challenges.


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Not Yet Dead is a remarkable memoir of incredible persistence, overcoming the status quo, and reinventing one’s self. Nygren takes a heartfelt look into his fifty-year journey of sometimes outrageous adventures in coaching, leadership, and discipling of both teens and adults.

Through his account of teaching in a recently desegregated school, experiencing the “hard-knock life" as a child of the sixties, struggling with faith, turning abandoned buildings into after-school programs, and driving a van full of teens through monsoon rains on one of his many international mission trips, Nygren answers the question, “What happens when the world says ‘retire’ and we are not yet ready?” making it truly essential reading for anyone concerned about the hope and future of young people.

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