Hanover College Cross Country Team

Hanover College Cross Country Team


  • Get A Life! West Milton Rotary, Ohio
  • Get A LIfe! E.E.C.T. Emerson Luncheon, Sidney, Ohio
  • Ten Balloons. Business Breakfast. Colliers Restaurtant, Springfield, Ohio
  • Winners! Tipp City United Methodist Church, Tipp City, Ohio
  • Communications Workshop. Hanover College Cross Coutry Team, Hanover, Indiana
  • Communications Workshop. Student Motivators Network, Chicago, Illinois
  • Ten Balloons. First Baptist Church, New Carlisle, Ohio
  • Ruby's Live Beautifully. Troy Hayner Cultural Center, Troy, Ohio
  • Ten Balloons. Vandalia Butler Color Guard, Vandalia, Ohio
  • Young Couples and the Ten Balloons, Tipp City, Ohio
  • Communications Workshop. Early Childhood Education Department, Edison College, Piqua, Ohio
  • Ten Balloons. Ohio State University, Education and Human Ecology Department, Columbus, Ohio

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(937) 776-7362 


Mailing Address

235 West Elm Street
Tipp City, OH 45371